Create Beauty 

This month has come and gone so quickly. My favorite part of this month was designing and decorating the Christmas tree for my church’s bookstore sale. I was so excited and still can’t get over how my design came out! I walked into the room and they gave me two materials of fabric and a bag of decorations and this is what I came up with.


Top hyped palettes


This summer I fell in love with eyeshadows and all I wanted to do was browse Sephora, creative looks and watch tutorials on youtube. Yes, I am a late bloomer and I have always loved buying foundations, lipsticks, highlighters, blushes and makeup tools but I never invested into eyeshadows until now. I was extremely happy that I was able to snag the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette on the first day it launched online. You will notice that the formula and texture are different from her regular single eyeshadows. This palette can be used for so many special and casual occasions all year around. I wish the packaging did not have the velvet texture because it gets dirty very easily.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Mario Palette can give you the perfect everyday look. For both lunch and dinner dates. I usually gravitate towards this palette because of the variety of looks I can make with the colors. If you’re in high school, grad school, work from home or  in a corporate environment you can definitely get away with wearing your soft smokey day look at night. All of the colors are universal to all eye colors so you glue eyes and green girls were not left out. I always use the Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer to help my eyeshadow makeup last longer and it has never let me down.  Don’t panic if you can’t afford it at the moment or the stores are completely sold out. Brands are launching palettes as the holidays get closure and the color choices are seem to fall into the same warm colors like oranges, burgundy, browns, and reds.

I was a little scared that the pigmentation from the Mater Palette by Mario was not going to show up on my deeper skin tone. The colors appear great and blend very easily. I actually like the Mario palette a little more than the Modern Renaissance. Yes, the burnt oranges, burgundies, and shimmers from the M.R palette are freaking gorgeous but the looks you can create from it becomes too similar. The Maro palette is perfect for someone who is new and want to learn how to create many looks and create a soft smokey eye. Unfortunate the Mario palette is limited edition so try to get your pretty little hands on it before it is gone forever!

My favorite three colors from Modern Renaissance Palette is Realgar, Primavera, and Red Ochre.

My favorite three colors from Mater Palette by Mario is Bronx, Claudia, and Muse.