Summer Sips


My great friend Soraya was away in Portugal all summer visiting relatives and enjoying her beach house. Now that she is back and we can hit the streets of New York City!  We thought it would be nice to try something new and take a trip to the Upper West side of Manhattan. The UW area is filled with mostly stroller moms, nannies,and boutiques. You definitely won’t hear a lot of hipsters and college students wanting to hang out on the upper west side especially in the summer.

It did take us a long time to actually find a cool spot that had the perfect music, diverse crowd, and a cool scenery. After so much time had passed we stumbled across this California style restaurant called Playa Betty’s.  The beach theme and sounding surfboards were a lot more inviting compared to some other places nearby. It was a Friday night and this place was packed and very busy! The menu had a variety of servings that included chicken, steak and fish style tacos. After trying Soraya steak taco I had to order that too! I did enjoy my chicken taco but the steak won me over. Our waiter was great and really took care of us. He was working two tables next to us and he never got any of our orders wrong or mixed up. With the great food, service, and location I will be coming back.