I did enjoy the first half and the ending of the book. I will say I had to force myself to stay interested in the middle mainly because of the main character’s drunk actions and behavior was starting to become annoying but it’s still a pretty good read for the summer.Some people compared it to Gone Girl, unfortunately, I have never read that book nor have I seen the movie of Gone Girl so I can’t say if the two have similarities or not.  The three most focused characters in The Girl On The Train are very relatable to women who think they found the one, wants to find the one or is scared of losing the one that they believe is the person who completes them.This book definitely shows you that the grass is not always greener on the other side and how both men and women often love to paint the picture of our perfect Prince/Princess who in reality can turn into a complete monster. Often times when a person overlooks the warning signs it will put them in a deeper hole that they might not live to get out of.