Wool & Silk 

It’s been a long time since I made a bustier or corset. I took a shot it again today. After I finish creating my pattern and sewing the finial pieces together I was very excited about what I had complished.  I  wore it over a Equipment silk button-up top and black leggings. I still have enough wool fabric left over to make a matching skirt. I’m thinking a pencil skirt or a flared skirt…hmmmm 


Party with KENZO 

Today in Manhattan I had a few errands to run between Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue. I passed several luxury stores with cute holiday displays but nothing could compare to the H&M on Fifth Avenue display. It was exciting, vibrant and give large group of tourist even more of a reason to stop, point and snap photos.

I wanted to know why I wasn’t invite to hangout with these wild mannequins and join the party train?  The multiple loud prints, patterns, and layers made me even more excited for the Fall season. It’s always refreshing to see bright colors in the stores when so many luxury brands near by are mostly invested into neutral colors.

The KENZO collaboration with H&M will launch on November 16,2016.