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Strictly Fab


Top hyped palettes


This summer I fell in love with eyeshadows and all I wanted to do was browse Sephora, creative looks and watch tutorials on youtube. Yes, I am a late bloomer and I have always loved buying foundations, lipsticks, highlighters, blushes and makeup tools but I never invested into eyeshadows until now. I was extremely happy that I was able to snag the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette on the first day it launched online. You will notice that the formula and texture are different from her regular single eyeshadows. This palette can be used for so many special and casual occasions all year around. I wish the packaging did not have the velvet texture because it gets dirty very easily.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Mario Palette can give you the perfect everyday look. For both lunch and dinner dates. I usually gravitate towards this palette because of the variety of looks I can make with the colors. If you’re in high school, grad school, work from home or  in a corporate environment you can definitely get away with wearing your soft smokey day look at night. All of the colors are universal to all eye colors so you glue eyes and green girls were not left out. I always use the Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer to help my eyeshadow makeup last longer and it has never let me down.  Don’t panic if you can’t afford it at the moment or the stores are completely sold out. Brands are launching palettes as the holidays get closure and the color choices are seem to fall into the same warm colors like oranges, burgundy, browns, and reds.

I was a little scared that the pigmentation from the Mater Palette by Mario was not going to show up on my deeper skin tone. The colors appear great and blend very easily. I actually like the Mario palette a little more than the Modern Renaissance. Yes, the burnt oranges, burgundies, and shimmers from the M.R palette are freaking gorgeous but the looks you can create from it becomes too similar. The Maro palette is perfect for someone who is new and want to learn how to create many looks and create a soft smokey eye. Unfortunate the Mario palette is limited edition so try to get your pretty little hands on it before it is gone forever!

My favorite three colors from Modern Renaissance Palette is Realgar, Primavera, and Red Ochre.

My favorite three colors from Mater Palette by Mario is Bronx, Claudia, and Muse.

Summer Sips


My great friend Soraya was away in Portugal all summer visiting relatives and enjoying her beach house. Now that she is back and we can hit the streets of New York City!  We thought it would be nice to try something new and take a trip to the Upper West side of Manhattan. The UW area is filled with mostly stroller moms, nannies,and boutiques. You definitely won’t hear a lot of hipsters and college students wanting to hang out on the upper west side especially in the summer.

It did take us a long time to actually find a cool spot that had the perfect music, diverse crowd, and a cool scenery. After so much time had passed we stumbled across this California style restaurant called Playa Betty’s.  The beach theme and sounding surfboards were a lot more inviting compared to some other places nearby. It was a Friday night and this place was packed and very busy! The menu had a variety of servings that included chicken, steak and fish style tacos. After trying Soraya steak taco I had to order that too! I did enjoy my chicken taco but the steak won me over. Our waiter was great and really took care of us. He was working two tables next to us and he never got any of our orders wrong or mixed up. With the great food, service, and location I will be coming back.


Strap Me Up

My new babies! The heels fit true to size and they feel amazing! I believe Rihanna was wearing these recently in New York City paired with a black dad cap, distressed denim shorts covered with a sexy and luxuries red oversize fur coat

Brand- Schutz


A recipe that destroys homes

This book has over 15,000 reviews on Amazon. I was kind of dying to read this book because I wanted to know what is this big dreadful jumbo secret! I am only about half way into the book and have got up to the part were Cecilia finds out the secret.  Today I am only going to talk about two characters and a  couple of their relationships that I find interesting.

Character: Cecilia

She is the wife of the husband who has this big secret which she finds accidentally on her own. Cecilia is the stereotypical stay at home mom who is the “IT” mom in their small community. She is known for coordinating events, cooking, and has the “perfect family”. The only thing that is not perfect is her sex life at the moment because her husband John-Paul is away working here in the United States  in Chicago. She has been aching to have sex with him and can’t wait until he comes home. I like the relationship that she has with her three daughters. Cecilia very aware of her daughters’ changes of behaviors as they grow up and she wants to know everything their thinking.

The two youngest daughters would often drop little random stones of hints about their father’s bizarre behavior and it drives her nuts! Cecilia starts to become more curious and like any parent you start to ask the child more and more questions. It has to be an unpleasant feeling to feel out of the loop of what’s being going on with your marriage. Depending on the child’s age they might keep information to themselves. They are not doing it on purpose it’s just that they don’t know how to say it  or they’re scared to speak up. It is very important for parents to fully pay attention to what your child is saying. Especially if your marriage is on the line.

The fact that the two youngest daughters were witnessing things that she had no clue about was adding more fire to the flames. Cecilia started to wonder is he having an affair, molesting their daughters, or is he gay. When she does finally read his secret letter shit hit the fans and many lives will be broken. Her relationship with not only her husband but with the community will change all because of him. His secret impacts everyone for the worst. Her reaction and the thoughts running through her head had even me freaking out. For better or for worse might not be what she signed up for.

Character: Tess 

I like her storyline, in the beginning, it was shockingly  entertaining, but now things are becoming more seriously stupid. The relationship with herself is all wrong very wrong if you ask me. She is keeps getting off the right track. Why is Tess adding more twisted challenges to her emotional rollercoaster?

Tess has only had two strong moments so far in the book.  First, the strong moment was when she left her husband to clear her mind and the second  moment was when she shut down her husband stupid idea to have her, their son, and his “lover” to live in the same home. He has lost his damn mind if he thought that was ever going to happen. I still can’t believe he literally brought that idea to the dinner table in their house!

While visiting her mother, she tells herself that if her husband and his ‘lover’ finally have sex and get it over with  the affair will stop. (The husband and his lover have been dating and kissing A LOT but has not had sex yet)  First off you do not tell them to have sex in your bed  while your away nor do you cry out in the phone “Sleep with my husband and give him back to me!” Tess eventually realized how stupid she was for saying that but why even give a free pass to the person who is in love with your husband? They do not want a one night stand Tess! You shouldn’t say ridiculous things like that and not expect to have a pool of tears running  down your face! What happens if they finally do have sex? What if he continues to see this person or worse start seeing multiple women? I am very curious to see how this will play out at the end. Will she fight for her marriage or divorce him? For better or for worse might not be what she signed up for.

I also want to know more about the early childhood relationship Tess had with her cousin Felicity. First off Tess keeps mentioning how she was  always defending Felicity from the  fat shaming bullies while growing up as kids. The relationship between Tess and Felicity has turned completely sour over the past few days. This causes Tess to second guess everything she thought she knew about Felicity and their relationship. She feels as though maybe it is the other way around because Felicity was the one who gave her confidence and was her “hype girl.” Felicity was also the one who picked out Tess’s boyfriend now cheating husband. Maybe she is wrong maybe she was the one in shadow and shy not fat Felicity. Sometimes I feel as though she is trying to force herself to believe that her cousin Felicity was the one with the big bright personality and not her.

Tess’s mother pretty much tells her “You had your own personality  and was not a shy kid growing up.” I want to come across more flashbacks on their childhood to see when did their relationship really change because I believe it might have changed before Tess was married. I need to see these female characters gain some strength and learn how to handle the relationships with their husband, family, and friends. Tess needs to really put her big girl’s panties. I hope Felicity has her own chapter because I am curious to see what is her views.Felicity seems to be just as stupid and denial if she thinks their relationship is supposed to go back to normal. She has lost her rabbit hole mind because if she was my cousin she would be eating her teeth for dinner.

-Hopefully, this was not a spoiler for you and it shouldn’t be because I did not give away the secret. For me, the secret was not a shocker I saw it coming. What shocked me and kept me reading more was Cecilia’s reaction and the thoughts playing out in her head. I want to know what is she going to do!  15,000 readers have hyped up the ending of this book so I will continue to read to see if it really does live up to the hype.

Hot Watermelon

I am totally in LOVE with this color called Hot Watermelon. I have been on a serious mission this summer to find the perfect red nail polish that is bold and dramatic. This color is going to be my signature color but I might break away from it to try something different but this is a color I will be wearing frequently throughout the year.